As with most of you, in my school days I was taught by many teachers. Out of them, for many I’m grateful and for others I’m not. They were a mixed bag of Good, Bad and the Fugly. I fondly remember Few Outstanding ones who inspired us to learn beyond books, even then they were a dying breed. No, I’m not talking about the kind of misleading YouTube Monkeys you find nowadays. 🐒 Best of the rest covered the syllabus and did their very best to educate us. Remainder had no business being in the business of education. For students, those morons were the stuff nightmares were made of. They should have been locked up in loony bins and keys thrown away.

Having said that, it is not a secret that Teachers were and till this date are criminally underpaid for the job of shaping up future generations. We are quick to point fingers at the quality of the educators but does the government invest enough to attract the talent the field demands and deserves ? Do teachers have the right to protest and for their dues ? Do they have the right to strike ? I guess the answers are obvious unless you have four legs, a tail and a pair of horns up your forehead singing “වැඩ කරන අපේ විරුවා” 🐮

Like many other professions before them, Teachers have come to the bitter realization that striking is the only way to win their rights. True, many have suffered as a result of trade union actions now and then. But I’ve come to accept the fact that with a rotten Political and State Services sector which only gets awakened to the matters of Luxury Vehicles and Dirty Underhand Deals, this is inevitable. I say let them strike ! I say let them win their rights. It’s not that we don’t have money, historically we have mismanaged what we have. Cut down the billions wasted on useless corrupt politicians and White Elephant projects to fuel their egos, we will have plenty of money to go around. Not just for Education but for many other worthy causes.

All of the above is true, yet what about this thing called Corona ? Well what about it ? Government is nothing but a reflection of its own people. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Especially if led by an Idiot with the surname “KingPuk”. හිස් Excellency “කටිං පුටිං” said “අපි තමයි හොඳටම කරේ !” but in reality everyone else has done even better. All of us have underestimated Corona miserably and No matter what we do now it is too little too late for controlling it. We simply can’t reverse the tide and the damage is already done. Only way forward is to expedite the vaccination campaign of the herd or build herd immunity.🐄🐂🐃. That is if there is ever going to be such a thing.

Now it’s all about Survival of the Fittest, So Hang on. But I still Support Teachers and their right for a Deserving Salary ! If you ask me You should too !

~ Kanda !